2 Day AST 1




Level 1 AST
For first time backcountry snowriders and those who want to learn the basics of avalanche safety & hazard management. An essential tool for all backcountry enthusiasts.

An introduction to avalanche phenomena and the basic principles of safe winter backcountry travel. Gain the knowledge you need to make your winter travels far safer and much more enjoyable. Our avalanche skills instructors are full-time professional guides and forecasters, their extensive personal experience in this field will add an extra dimension of interest to make their information and advice meaningful, relevant and fascinating

Option 1:
Resort Based Course $225

Option 2:
Overnight Course at Backcountry Camp $420

Avalanche Safety Pack (beacon, shovel, probe) $35/day

(2017-2018 Course Dates)
• Nov 25th & 26th
• Dec 9th & 10th
• Dec 16th & 17th
• Dec 27th & 28th



9:00 am Registration
Information gathering and on hill preparation
Recognition of avalanche terrain

1:00 pm Theory and use of avalanche beacons
Mountain snow pack
Safety equipment

4:00 pm Return to ski area

7:00 pm Discussion & Cocktails

9:00 am Transceiver practice
Snow profiles and field tests
Route selection & track setting

4:00 pm Debrief, cocktails & certification
Note: Agenda can change due to field conditions.